Man Jadda Wajada (1)

7 Apr

(Damansara, 2011) Halloo, whats up people? 😉 For the start of tonight’s post I’d like to welcome my self back to my blog. (O yeah, I have been idle in this all blogging routine for months) Not until I found a blog so interesting that made me inspired.

Long story short, I found it on her blog page a very familiar phrase to me “Man jadda wajada” it means whoever seriously/sincerely (do things) he/she will get it or simple whoever sincerely does will get. It is so familiar to my ear. So classic, reminds me of my wonderful 5 years in islamic school Ma’had al-Zaytun…

Anyway thats maybe the main reason I am back writing my blog. Man jadda wa jada… whoever sincerely does, will get. As i recall this is the first phrase was taught in a subject in Al-Zaytun, but I couldnt remember what the subject is. Is it “mahfudzot”? I think its mahfudzot, but im unsure.

Anyway to relate with my life now, “man jadda wa jada” is reminding me my goals. what I want in my life, I have to be sincere about it. Some people say that goals are nothing but dreams. But goals are possible with plan. And goals are achievable with plans and actions. I hope you all can understand what I am trying to convey. This is “The Secret” what Rhonda Byrne writes in her book.

You see, she says our thought become things. whatever we think, we want, we expect will become reality. If you read through her book until the end, you will find that what she is trying to say is summarized in this arabic phrase “man jadda wajada”.

“Man jadda wajada” whoever sincerely does, will get.

-to be continued-


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